Inmarsat Photoshoot

Its photoshoot productions like this one that get you excited about showing clients the landscape potential & diversity of South Africa. When award winning British photographer Richard Seymour (agency Trayler & Trayler) contacted Bigsky Productions about shooting a campaign for client Inmarsat we had no idea it would be the start of a 2000km road trip around South Africa.

South Africa
Photographer: Richard Seymour (agency Trayler & Trayler)

Inmarsat owns and operates a global satellite network, offering mobile and fixed communications services for an array of different fields. In this instance we needed to showcase their communication capabilities and products in very remote locations for engineering, safari, medical and media professions out in the field.

The team hopscotched from one location to another working on a tight schedule and bonded along the way.

A key success and challenge of the shoot was the preproduction location scouting in these remote areas. The below scout images illustrate the kind of wide and beautiful locations that can be found in South Africa and we look forward to the next visit from our friends from Inmarsat, perhaps we can clock up a few more km on the road.