Mothercare & Early Learning Center

Cape Town is blessed with sunshine and blue-sky summers. Cape Town has a wide range of diverse and beautiful locations and world-class, talented kiddy models. This year we saw, Cape Town’s finest kiddie models, and they were carefully selected from the Bigsky Production’s studio casting. Over the following 2 weeks the Mothercare and Early Learning Center team shot on several locations all around Cape Town, making the most of the beautiful natural light.

Cape Town, South Africa
Photographer: Ian Boddy
Agency: Thornycroft Bell
Video Content: Ernst Heusser

Digital and online content is becoming more and more important, and this year Mothercare shot a number of videos. The video content was shot by Ernst Heusser from the VideoCartel in close collaboration with Ian Boddy. Utilising the same locations, models and natural light allows for a uniform look for both the photo and video campaigns. View the video below:

Mothercare: Gone Fishing
Mothercare: Beach Day